Chris’ Story

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Chris worked in a hardware store in Toronto, but due to health reasons he had to move closer to family in St. Catharines. In 1996 he started volunteering at Goodwill Niagara and for over 18 years Chris has been coming 3 times a week to help merchandising and housekeeping of one of our stores. Chris has this tendency to always appear when he is most needed. He is always smiling, positive, modest and with a very fine sense of humor. Chris gets along with everyone and enjoys organizing the shelves and the clothing racks.
Chris is knowledgeable about the region and collectables; he often points staff to value and rarity of some items. His interest in history is deeply rooted in his own ancestry line. Frederick Goldwin Gardiner, the first chairman of Metropolitan Toronto council, worked on the Gardiner Expressway which was later named after him. Fred Gardiner was Chris’s mom’s uncle.
He is also from the family of the famous tableware manufacturers Johnson Brothers. The youngest of them Robert Johnson moved from England to America in 1898 and is the great grandfather of Chris’s father. Chris always tells us if we get a rare pattern from Johnsons Brothers china and will readily share what he knows about it.
Through volunteers like Chris smarter and caring communities are built!
His reliability, enthusiasm and his dedication is contagious and truly lifts the spirit of everyone around him!